Local paleo/primal/whole food business Bedrock Eats and Sweets is expanding. Founder Brandi Marter recently signed a lease for 327 S. Main, formerly Frank’s Market and Deli. She expects to finish remodeling and open by March.

Brandi started Bedrock almost two years ago after the paleo diet transformed her life and helped her ailing father. An avid CrossFit athlete, Brandi initially thought the diet touted by the spartan fitness program was crazy. “Avoiding whole-grains and eating more fats and protein went against everything I thought I knew about nutrition,” she said. “Once I tried the diet myself, a lot of the health issues I’d had just went away. I had more energy and felt great all the time.” She started cooking for her father in the hope it would help his diabetes, congestive heart failure and other serious health issues. “It worked,” she said, “within a month or so he was feeling better, off some of his medication and out working in the barn again.”

Preparing meals for a broader community was the logical next step for Brandi. She started cooking out of the YoLo Midtown kitchen, where she was a pastry chef. She created a website so people could pre-order meals. She delivers to various retail locations across the greater Memphis area. She installed “grab-and-go” kiosks at CrossFit studios and other locations.

What started out with a few loyal customers has grown to hundreds of weekly patrons. “It’s way beyond just the CrossFit community now. People with Celiac, who are gluten-free, whole-foodies and folks who just want to eat better have come around to Bedrock recently. It just works,” said Brandi.

Strict paleo diet adherents essentially eat what cavemen ate. In pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer communities, we presume humans ate meat, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. That means no dairy, no grains and no legumes. Adapted to modern times, this means grass-fed and pasture-raised meat, chicken and eggs from cage-free sources. Others adhere to slightly modified version of paleo called “primal,” which permits limited dairy such as cheese, as long as it’s from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle.

For now, Brandi will continue to operate Bedrock out of the YoLo kitchen in Midtown. Most of her orders come from the Bedrock website, so the shift downtown won’t change most customers’ experience, except adding the new pick-up spot. Eventually, Brandi says she’d like to add counter service and cafe-style dining as well as a small community market at the South Main location. The larger space downtown will also enable her to increase production and start shipping outside the Memphis area.

For more information please visit www.BedrockEatsAndSweets.com or email Brandi@bedrockeatsandsweets.com. Bud Chittom is the landlord, and Taylor Berger of Henry Turley Realtors represented Bedrock in the real estate transaction.


Brandi Marter, Founder of Bedrock Eats & Sweets. Photo by Justin Fox Burks of the Memphis Flyer.