Bottoms Up Soda is a mission-driven business that will make and sell craft soda. The playful yet sincere brand name alludes to the dual company mission of making unique, high-quality soda and improving the lives of people in recovery from alcohol and drugs.


“Bottoms Up” is a reference to helping people in recovery learn live successfully in sobriety. BUS is specially organized to benefit Midsouth Sober Living. All profits will go toward supporting the mission and operations of MSSL. BUS will train and employ people in the MSL program, developing for them diverse skills in small business management, operation and marketing.


BUS will sublease warehouse space on Broad Avenue.


BUS will launch with a Kickstarter campaign in winter 2015, expanding production and distribution from 5000 cases in the first year to double that in Year 2.


Recent stories at CNBC, Business Week and industry blogs proclaim a wave of craft soda is coming to rival that of beer. BUS will be the first craft soda company in west Tennessee, creating compelling flavors using quality ingredients. BUS is unique because its story and marketing revolves around people in recovery; they participate in the production and benefit from the profits. This mission-driven approach will resonate with Millennials and others who believe business has a responsibility to do good in the world. The dual customer touch points of artisan craft process and social consciousness will drive demand for BUS, and make it successful on every level.

First steps include creating a brand identity and video for Kickstarter to raise the $15,000 needed to begin operations. Hoping for some help here. If you can help with any aspect of this launch, from logo design and video production to flavor crafting – email me at tcbmem@gmail.com. Thanks!