Time to channel your inner Edward Abbey.

We drive the truck and bring the gear, food and firewood. You fly to Phoenix or Vegas, rent a compact and meet us in the canyons, or make the cross-country trek along with us.

This won’t be the kind of hardcore trip where you eat nothing but rice for days on end and your feet turn into giant blisters. We will be “car-camping” in beautiful places, staying two or three days in some of the coolest campgrounds in the country. You will eat well and spend the days hiking, biking, fishing or doing whatever you feel like doing (and here’s why). #NoJudgement

Cost of the 10-day June excursion includes use of gear, food and camping permits (we estimate no more than $100/day for adults and $50/day for children. You’re on your own for airfare, car rental and booze.

For more information fill out this form, and we’ll send you an invite to a meeting.