I’ve got $500 and wanderlust. Can I get to Colorado and back to Memphis with a four-year-old, a dog and a Subaru?

Staying with friends and family across the country, we’ll chew up some interstate miles, sleeping in tents and on couches for a week. We’ll miss the girls, but hopefully they’ll meet us in Denver next weekend.

Made it to St. Louis today, and went to the Science Museum. The youngest of my cousins graduates high school tomorrow and her whole family is here to send her off.

During college I drove out west a couple times. Those were heady days of cramped cars, great friends and forgotten tent poles. Trying to find myself while synthetically fueled, I ended up more lost each day I was gone.

After law school I drove to Seattle. That time I was running away from the stench of adulthood I was unprepared to inhale. Another year of school in a place far away. On the way out I made a last second decision to stand up my future wife in Chicago, and wonder now what would have come of that meeting.

This time it’s for fun. Tomorrow: Kansas.


Me, Andrew and Calvin the dog at home.

Me, Andrew and Calvin the dog at home.