Three years ago, business partners Scott Tashie and Arielle Moinester took the helm at the Cosmic Coconut, a local juice and smoothie cafe – they were immediately attracted to the nourishing menu and wanted to provide the city of Memphis with healthy eating options.  Since then, the Coconut has evolved and continued to offer many of it’s customers healthier alternatives to processed food and, in doing so, gained a loyal following.

A hometown Memphis businessman and former professional golfer, Tashie began to recognize the need and broader appeal for healthy foods all over town; that people are wanting healthier, tastier options – made quickly at that – as opposed to the standard fast food fare.

Answering the call, Tashie is currently bringing the “I Love Juice Bar” brand to the area. This focused concept is already established in several communities nearby and has become a favorite local place for people to enjoy daily fresh-made juices, smoothies and foods.

Tashie plans to open several “I Love Juice Bars” in and around the Memphis area starting with his Midtown location at Cooper and Carr, scheduled to open in June and the Oxford MS location, on target to open this year.

“I am very excited to have all of this come together.  The founders of I Love Juice Bar and I have been working together closely on this since last fall.  They are amazing people and we all share a common vision. It’s great to be able to make living a healthy lifestyle a little bit easier for everyone,” says Tashie.

I Love Juice Bar founder, John Hunt, is equally excited to be joining forces with Mr. Tashie.  “Adding Memphis to our expanding map is fantastic – Scott loves Memphis and we couldn’t be luckier to have been introduced to him.”

About Juice Bar

I Love Juice Bar is an overwhelmingly vegetarian, gluten-free, organic when possible restaurant that uses 100 percent whole fruits and vegetables. They offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies and juice cleanses, daily fresh-made soups, salads and spring rolls, plus a rage of gluten-free and locally produced natural snacks. After losing weight and drastically improving his own level of health, John Hunt was inspired to share the benefits of juicing with his community. Alongside his wife Vui, who used to own a vegan restaurant, they opened the first Juice Bar in Brentwood, Tennessee in April 2013. Since then, I Love Juice Bars have opened in more than five cities around the South East with many more in process to be added by the end of 2015. For a full list of locations visit and for more information visit or email




Cosmic Coconut at Sanderlin Centre