The following is a checklist of what you need to submit to your local ABC office to get an LBD (liquor by the drink) or wine-only license.

  1. A notarized Application Form in duplicate.

  2. A notarized Questionnaire for each person with a 5% or greater interest in the business, including landlord if there is a 5% or greater percentage rent provision in the lease.

  3. A notarized Declaration of Citizenship for each the individuals required to submit the above questionnaire with attached copy of of two forms of ID.

  4. Price Schedule of Drinks in duplicate. Your liquor vendor should be able to help you with this but if you have any questions call (615) 532.4552.

  5. A copy of the deed to the real property. This can be obtained from your county register of deeds. In Memphis go here and search for the property address to print pdf of deed.

  6. A copy of the lease unless applicant owns the property, in which case the deed is sufficient.

  7. If the business is an LLC, corporation or formal partnership you’ll need to provide a Certificate of Existence and copy of State of Tennessee Charter or Filing Acknowledgement from the Secretary of State.

  8. List of officers and owners with 5% or greater interest in business.

  9. A copy of your partnership agreement (or operating agreement or shareholder agreement).

  10. A copy of your Use and Occupancy Certificate from local building and code enforcement department (issued within the last six months).

  11. A copy of your typed food menu with prices.

  12. Copy of Certificate of Registration from the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

  13. A copy of your liquor bond (mail notorized original to Tennessee Department of Revenue, Andrew Jackson Building, Third Floor, 500 Deadrick Street, Nashville, TN 37242). You can download a principal bond here or corporate bond here. For LBD applicants bond amount is $10,000 and for wine only it is $2,000.  Your insurance agent should be able to help you obtain bonding and provide forms.

  14. A copy of your ATF registration, a copy of this form: Alcohol Dealer Registration (mail original to Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, National Revenue Center, 550 Main Street Suite 8002, Cincinnati OH 45202-5215).

  15. Signed Notice of Requirements for Obtaining and Maintaining a LBD License.

  16. Copy of your Business License from your local county clerk.

  17. Business Plan. This is projection of the amount of gross sales of prepared food compared to alcohol sales and how you intend to produce the food and market it.

  18. Food Affidavit. If you’re not open yet, just change it to fit projections.

  19. License Fees. Non-refundable check for $300 submitted with application and fee submitted upon approval. Note your city or county may require a fee in addition to state fee. Check with local ABC office and city/county permits office.

  20. ABC Inspection will be scheduled after application has been turned in and you are ready to open for business. An agent will visit and verify you have the facilities required to serve food and store alcohol securely.

  21. Employees who will serve liquor to public must obtain submit this form to obtain work permit card at cost of $20. Local ABC classes help with this.

  22. Once you get your license, be sure to pay your LBD taxes!