It’s time to move on. I know that phrase has been used before, but it sums up my advice for the Shelby County Democratic Party. For too long petty squabbles and power struggles have divided the party. We saw the result in this past election cycle, where in a majority-Democrat county, Republicans clobbered Democrats across the board because we “crossed over” and voted against our own party.

Let’s take a cue from those Republicans and focus on what unites us. So what are those core Democratic ideals that bind us?

  1. We believe in the American Dream, and implementing innovation that enables people to move from humble beginnings into the middle class and beyond.

  2. We believe a social contract exists between the government and its citizens to provide all people the basic dignities of health, education and safety.

  3. We believe in giving marginalized individuals and communities a voice and seat at the table.

These things are hard, and translating them into effective policy often contributes to the messiness of our party. But they are worth it because they are right. The relentless pursuit of these goals is the reason our party and country are great. So let’s use the things we agree on to bring together factions and become an effective force in local politics. It’s this or it’s over.

If you agree we need a change, that we need to get on with the good work of being a Democrat, then I urge you to get involved. Superior communication will empower this group to succeed where others have failed. Send an email to and join us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s time to make Memphis a bastion of blue in this red state, and a model for fractured Democratic parties everywhere.