A few months ago we convened the Greater Memphis Progressive Caucus. This nonpartisan, diverse group meets monthly to develop strategies to make Memphis better, especially through political action. Here are our values:

  1. Every child deserves access to a quality education, beginning in prekindergarten.

  2. Poverty is public enemy number one; we must attack its causes from every angle including the right of collective bargaining and establishment of a living wage.

  3. Immigrant and other marginalized communities should feel welcome in Memphis, receiving respect and equality of services.

  4. We have a duty to help citizens with mental health issues, including substance abuse, to become accepted, productive members of our community.

  5. People of every race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability enrich our community, and we stand for principles of non-discrimination and tolerance.

  6. Quality of life for all citizens should be a polestar consideration for every strategic planning and development decisions in light of inclusivity and financial realities.

  7. Government action should be the result of value-oriented critical decision-making across disciplines and agencies, subject to complete and accessible transparency.

  8. Vocational / technical training and higher education should be accessible to all residents.

  9. Affordable, quality health care including reproductive services is a universal right, and government policies should support its development.

  10. We have a duty to be respectful stewards of our existing physical assets, culture, history and environment.


Photo by Walter Arnold, Art of Abandonment