There will be blood. Sweat. Tears. And spandex.

This summer on Monday nights at Rec Room there will be a revival of sorts. Memphis wrasslin’ is coming back.

It’s one of those projects that’s been simmering in the back of my mind for years. Probably since I left the wrestling mat at Christian Brothers High School in 1998.

Finally all of the missing pieces have come together and it’s time to press play.

We needed a training facility. Check. My friend and business partner, Bill Ganus, is opening the city’s first multi-disciplinary gym in a huge warehouse right behind Rec Room. He and his partners will provide people with access to CrossFit-style equipment along with wrestling mats, a boxing ring, fighting decoys and a la carte classes.

We are going to let this happen the way it probably began back in the 60’s … nothing but pride on the line between wrestlers who simply want to win. A chance for them to test their mettle against each other as their friends cheer them on from our vintage wooden bleachers.They may have alternate identities. They may have worked up the match the previous week with their opponent. Things may happen in the ring or outside the ring that change everything. Like all good things it will grow from a seed into something unimaginable.

To get a sense of how it began here half a century ago, you gotta watch Memphis Heat. To understand where it went and the famous Montreal Screwjob, listen to this Radiolab. Then get back to me if you want to be a part of this thing. We need promoters, announcers, referees and wrasslers. To join the movement or keep updated, check out the Summer of Slam Facebook page.