Yesterday Tennessee officially became a dark red state, and we the loyal smurfs of Memphis have a bad case of the blues. Some of my friends have expressed such disgust with the decisions voters made that they’re ready to move out of the state entirely.

This is my home though, so I’m going to stay, but it kind of makes me want to puke. It makes me want to throw up my hands and stop even trying to make this place better. Who am I working for anyway? If a growing majority of the state wants to live a paternalistic plutocracy then why bother trying to create conditions that will attract normal people?

The libertarian conservatism of Colorado looks pretty nice right about now. At least they are consistent. While hypocritical Tennesseans seem to want government hands off their guns and wallets but deep inside their bodies and bedrooms, Colorado is rolling down the sunlit roads smoking blunts and laughing all the way to the bank, as young people flock.

I’ll miss my friends who move. I’ll be here a little while longer I guess, plugging away at this fool’s errand of enlightenment. But if things don’t start to change at least on a local level in the next few years, I too will be whistling dixie to a John Denver tune.